• C MAX Bingo Paper
    C MAX® Bingo Paper
    C MAX bingo paper features 9,000 unique bingo faces per color in every set.
  • Champion Bingo Paper
    Champion™ Bingo Paper
    Add a twist to your bingo game with Champion custom collations

Bingo King Bingo Paper

We know that different bingo halls have different needs when it comes to bingo paper, and that's why Bingo King offers a variety of series and configurations in either standard or custom collations.And with a rainbow of colors to choose from, hall operators have plenty of options to fit the needs of their players and make their game a success.

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C Max Bingo Paper

One Serial Number. True 9,000 Series.

C MAX bingo paper features 9,000 unique bingo faces per color in every set. Plus, C MAX is printed using our popular Champion paper series, so it can be verified on any console that has the ability to verify Champion!

Common Serial Numbers

Common Serial Numbers

A common serial number for each set simplifies tracking and virtually eliminates illegal paper and missed revenue.

Auditrack System

Consecutive Audit Numbers

C MAX booklets are consecutively numberedfor quick and accurate sales and inventory tracking.

Paper Series Identification

Machine Collation

Machine collation reduces manufacturing errors such as torn sheets, missing pages and incorrect color rotations.

Maximum Security

Maximum Security

C MAX bingo paper offersa variety of security features so that you can play with maximum confidence.

New C Max Features

We're introducing the next generation of C MAX bingo paper - now featuring a 2D barcode printed on every sheet that contains important information about each bingo booklet.

CMAX Bingo Paper Table of Details
CMAX Bingo Paper New Features

Multiple Book Sizes

Using the same Champion series, C MAX booklets are available in multiple sizes, ranging from 3 to 24 pages.

Shorter Lead Times

Unlike custom collated bingo paper, your order of C MAX is already on the shelf and ready for shipment.

Reduced Freight Costs

C MAX doesn't require the use of wax sheets, so shipping weight is reduced and extra waste is eliminated.

C MAX Bingo Paper

54,001 - 63,000 Series

With a specially formulated distribution of numbers, our 54,001 - 63,000 series C MAX bingo paper allows players to dab more often. Players get more involved in the game with the excitement of being close to a bingo!

Designed for the Player

Bingo players want to be actively involved in every bingo game they play. They love the excitement and suspense that builds with each dab as they come closer to a bingo. With 54,001 - 63,000 series C MAX, you'll keep your players on the edge of their seats, and they'll keep returning to your sessions!

It's easy to see why Bingo King's 54,001- 63,000 C MAX bingo paper is the number one choice of bingo players everywhere. In the example shown below, our C MAX paper gets at least one dab for every number called. After 15 numbers have been called, two different faces are only one number away from a BINGO! The competition's bingo paper is still waiting for its first dab.

  • All 75 numbers appear at least once on every 6V2, and at least twice on every 9S3
  • More dabbing means more fun for bingo players and increased sales of paper & bingo markers for operators

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CMax vs Competitor Paper
Advantages for Game Operators
Reduced Inventory

Why have different color rotations for each of your customers? C MAX is available in a standard color rotation allowing operators to reduce inventory and eliminate obsolete color rotations.

Better Service

Standard color rotations allow operators to use the same product with multiple accounts. Operators always have C MAXin stock and service levels consistently reach new heights.

Increased Profits

There's no need to stock paper for just one account. Operators have more inventory turns and less inventory to manage.

Always in Stock

C MAX is always in stock and ready to ship whether ordered as 1 set or 100 sets. Ordering is quick and easy.

C MAX Maximum Security Features

The innovative security features of C MAX bingo paper are designed to protect your profits so that you can play with maximum confidence.

Remember to always use these 4 main security features when verifying a winning bingo card:



Use the series prefix code to make sure that the winning card is from the correct paper series


Border Color

Check the border color to ensure that the winning card is the correct game in the program.


Serial Number

Use the serial number to verify that the bingo paper was purchased in the session it was intended for.


Verification Number

Use the verification number to determine if the correct game pattern is the winner.

C MAX Series Prefix Codes

Next Generation C MAX Increased Security

C MAX now includes a state-of-the-art 2D barcode printed on every sheet that contains important information about each bingo booklet:

  • Serial Number
  • Audit Number
  • Paper Type
  • Series/Perm
  • Page Number
  • Pages per Book
UniMax Security Barcode
Greater Integrity, Accuracy, Efficiency & Security

The new 2D barcode printed on every sheet of C MAX bingo paper can be used by a POS system to quickly and accurately identify the product for faster and more efficient sales.

Distributors, operators and bingo players will love the streamlined process and additional integrity provided by Bingo King's next generation C MAX bingo paper!

C MAX Packaging

Each carton label of next generation C MAX now includes a barcode for quick access to information including series & audit numbers.

C MAX Packaging

C MAX booklets are packed sequentially by audit numbers, so your game will be ready to play right out of the box!

Champion ™ Bingo paper

For your Custom Collations

Add a twist to your bingo game with Champion custom collations!

  • Control multiple winners & control profit!
  • Actual face size: 4"W × 4"H

54,001 - 63,000 Series

  • No duplicates! At least seven numbers are different on every bingo face
  • All numbers are frequency balanced, appearing the same number of times through every sub-set of 45 cards and the entire series of 9,000 cards
  • Unique rows, corners and diagonals;no set of numbers is repeated
  • Players dab at least once on every 6V2 cut and at least twice on every 9S3 cut
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Champion Bingo paper
Champion Solid Border Paper
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